Noosphere Affairs Trading P.L.C envisioned creating an educational platform where every member of a society can get access to knowledge with choices that reinforce to advance and guide their natural capacity for a noble cause.  Likewise we assert to have a say for culture and tradition since genuine civilization is immature without identity.  Our journey has proofed to influence thousands thanks to our education stakeholders (national & international) aligned with our vision.



Our Services

Event Management

Noosphere Events

As simply said managing an event is not a task, it is our DNA. Along the way we met with influential decision makers on a global scale that offered us an exceptional international experience and recognition on how to exceed expectations at any cost.

Noosphere Ge’ez Academy

  • We are the first private Ge’ez Academy
  • Ge’ez is the language of the soul
  •  International Institutions in Germen, Italy, France, 12 in U.S, etc. educate Ge’ez Language.
  • Our curriculum flavored with a systematic approach, garnished with an informal classroom setups & practical skills and delivered through a well-seasoned professionals, your soul rejoice once for a threefold
  • we have a daily, after class/work and weekend class secludes available for you.

Recruitment and Training Service

Let our job speak for itself. Please attaché the recognition letter received from Eduardo Garbdiane.

Scholastic Apps:

We have signed an international partnership agreement to jointly develop an educational App for kids and special needs students. Since the law restricts the confidentiality of the information, we promise to notify you when we get the job done.

Social Welfare Projects

Menelik Foundation is under establishment.